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Some foxes doing the fox trot

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Tuesday night doodle.


Tuesday night doodle.


shark attack 


shark attack 


and now, a comic about the other kind of football. happy birthday america


and now, a comic about the other kind of football. happy birthday america

on a side note: screenshots of things from Tumblr / Facebook with text proving your point or whatever about something screenshotted when you could literally just describe it in two sentences is really funny to me
is it easier to screen shot? do you feel more credible because you can hit print screen on your computer? do you feel like photoshop doesn’t exist, that maybe your .jpg is a reliable source? is it empirical evidence as to why you are correct? are your comments true because you took the time to freeze a moment on the internet?

what would happen if you froze moments like that in real life? what if when you found someone at their lowest point, you whipped out your fancy ass iphone and just captured their distress and posted it all over the internet to make you feel like a good person because you told some fuck up off? does it really make you feel good, like you’ve done something, like you’re worth something?

yet - I will eat my own words because here I am, commenting on stupid comments, and maybe someone who does these things will read my silly, pre-sleep and 12 day workweek miniature rant - and maybe they will feel bad for their choices, but then I am the same as them, and in the end I guess I might just need to get the fuck over myself, too

dunno man, I just don’t even understand. I don’t understand why there is so much hatred when all the technology in the world could allow for such human connectivity…

but I even have my own agenda. I purposely use less capital letters and care for grammar much less than usual right now. maybe it’ll make me seem more philosophical - maybe I am paying homage to Willam Faulkner with my stream of consciousness - I just corrected some text because I can’t let myself be completely human in words - or is it that I am actual, fabricated, published and polished? is there anything wrong with that? what makes me and my words different? I have no screenshots, but aren’t my words basically the same thing, different medium? 

I am not sure I fully understand anything sometimes. But I guess I’ll keep trying, and when I find something that displeases me, I guess I will learn to cope, to deal, because sometimes pulling out the subtle meanings in people’s actions is like hanging their underwear out to dry - and do I have any right to do that? I like my shit kept in my drawers.

I dunno man, I dunno. I gotta go wash my face so the acne that has plagued me for over 10 years so I can put of pound of foundation on one small blemish in the morning and pretend that I am happy with how I look.

I didn’t fix the thing there. It reads funny and I kind of like it. 

some nights you are just so inexplicably infatuated with a person and you don’t know why or so much if you’re in love or anything but that you feel all mushy inside just because they exist in the world

Hail The Sisterhood: Little Ways to Be Nicer to Your Fellow Girlkind


-When you are walking close behind her at night, give her a smile and a little head nod when she turns around.

-Respect the importance of the female bathroom line. Make friends, give compliments, and move out of the way when applying lippie and somebody needs to wash their hands. Share your hand…

One of my internet friends died… like actually died….

Dunno how to feel… but he was about to get married and wow…

Super sad x.x

What Keeps You Up at Night



Betsy Morais writes about the “bedtime procrastination” phenomenon: http://nyr.kr/1i2k4xY

“Sleeplessness has become a public-health concern, according to the Centers for Disease Control: around fifty to seventy million American adults have some kind of sleep disorder; a third of adults are not sleeping enough hours; and only a third of high-school students are coming close to a good night’s rest.”

Credit: Nishant Choksi.

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